28 December 2010 @ 09:16 pm
[MOD] Belated Welcome Post  
(For those curious, this is [personal profile] demoneyeskyo87 but I'll be modding this community with my Musical fandom journal)
This has been one very belated welcoming post so I'll just say it now: welcome to the Dreamwidth community for a place to discuss Musicals from around the world, :)

Of course, there are some rules for the time being:

1) Fan Art, Fan Fiction and Fan Videos are most welcome.

2) Conversations on anything related to a certain performer or a musical are welcome.

3) Sales posts are welcome. If you have an official item for sale and they're not CD-R/DVD-R copies, you're welcome to post it here. Please provide photos of what you are selling so that others won't be scammed.

4) Please be respectful of one another.

If there's any questions, please ask me in this post :)

Also, I'm looking for a second mod here, :)